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Firefox Instability Fix

A simple fix to firefox instability, and a reason to minimize the number of plugins that you can’t live without.

I’ve been having fun with vimperator, but then my firefox on one of my (Debian) laptops became unstable. I’d rightclick on a field, and it would crash. I ran it from the commandline to see if there’s any error messages, it would just say Segmentation fault. I didn’t have time to get a tracer and see where it’s crashing, and I did need to to work again quickly. I tried aptitude reinstall firefox, but that doesn’t seem to do anything useful, since it reinstalls the same binary and it was still crashing; the problem wasn’t in the binary or system-wide configuration (which I didn’t touch). Then I had some intelligent instincts; I already guessed that the problem wasn’t there, and so it had to be in my add-ons, like vimperator. But I didn’t know which one. I’ve always tried to keep the number of addons that I use down; and the answer was simply

 rm -rf ~/.mozilla 

which blows all that add-on and everything else away. I keep my bookmarks on delicious, so that doesn’t matter, and all my other addons are non-critical, so this didn’t cost me anything except downloading some of them again if I felt like it. And it solved my problem.

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