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found a nice screen blurring command that relies on ImageMagick

#!/bin/sh -e

# Take a screenshot
#scrot /tmp/screen_locked.png
import -window root /tmp/screen_locked.png

# Pixellate it 10x
mogrify -scale 10% -scale 1000% /tmp/screen_locked.png

# Lock screen displaying this image.
i3lock -i /tmp/screen_locked.png

# Turn the screen off after a delay.
sleep 60; pgrep i3lock && xset dpms force off

then we need xautolock, but there is no xautolock. so instead we try

which locks only from the command line, not from the .i3/config.  so we compile xautolock from source from

finally we need to add a line to an x startup script like .xsessionrc or .i3/config to add the line

exec xautolock -time 1 -locker '~/.local/bin/' &

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