wicd-client –no-tray for ion3

i use ion3 as my window manager, and it doesn’t have a tray, and wicd-client assumes you have a tray… couldn’t get wireless working until i saw a post somewhere where someone mentioned you could do

wicd-client -n
wicd-client –no-tray

which is exactly what i needed. somehow for gui-based apps i don’t rtfm, probably because generally tfm has nothing useful, but this time i see the manpage is great.


Don’t do anything when closing lid

I have a 17″ desktop-replacement type laptop which I’d like to be able to close from time to time and use the lid as a writing surface. But when I close the lid, I don’t want any kind of suspend etc since I have a separate monitor and keyboard so I can still use the machine while the lid is closed. So far what worked was to edit /etc/acpi/ and put in “exit 0” at the top, which prevents acpi from doing anything at all when a lid event occurs. I can see the lid events in /etc/acpi/events/lidbtn seem to just execute /etc/acpi/ so i think this might continue to work for a while.